A Shining Story

The owner Tara Thompson began to work on her creation over 8 years ago while maintaining her leadership role supporting a major Fortune 500 company.  She was able to build her brand from the experience as a business professional aligned with her education into her own business. She takes pride ensuring that her brand brings smiles to the lives of other women.  The word Eros' means "LOVE" in Greek, she wanted her core values and brand name to represent God whom symbolizes "LOVE".  Her daughter (Kailand) is the face of Eros'....

As a prestigious company within the hair industry located in the beautiful city of Inglewood, Ca.  Eros' reputation precedes itself because it is not just another hair company. Tara has worked diligently to design each piece and create luxurious textures that will slay the ultimate look as desire. Her goal is to transform the beauty of a woman inside and out. 

By thus, the showroom creates a private and cozy boutique setting so each customer feels at home. Eros' offers the BEST collection in the market and thrive to work hand-in-hand with each customer. The consultants work closely with each customer to ensure that they have selected the right wig or hair extension.


"A Women's Beauty Lies In Her Hair" and we are excited to provide the highest quality possible for each of our Eros' family members.

Tara Thompson - Eros' Hair Beauty.JPG